To respond to the daily growing and increasingly complex requirements of a modern and efficient  leadership, you will need more than just one suitable answer. Though the issues of a contemporary leadership imply a sophisticated understanding of how you should define and delineate your leading rôle - for even more leadership effectiveness in your daily science-based or startup-business. Our 2-day training-seminar Contemporary Leadership: Trailing the traits and tracking the treat will provide you with the latest insights about modern and up-to-date leadership in a simple, clear and vivid way. Discover how to imply tried and tested and proved approaches to a modern and efficient leadership - Learn how to apply different communication and leading techniques and aspects in order to ensure a lasting developement of your skills and competences - Experience how to safeguard the successful continuation and expansion of your business and leadership. The programme in detail:
Day 1:
Leading and motivation

Time – and Self – Management

Problem solving

Project management

Soft Skills: Basis Interpersonal communication and empathy

Communication Part I

Communication Part II

Pitfalls / Idioms

Conflict management

Team Building

Secure your participation in this outstanding 2-day training-seminar and benefit from our many years of experience in the field of personnel and executive resource development. We look forward to your registration and are pleased to help you at further inquiries.